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Tip’s Thai House Now Open in Southridge Kennewick, WA


17917902_10154821063959221_2387349354647145167_oWe have successfully completed our latest design build project in Kennewick, WA called Tip’s Thai House.  Tip’s Thai House in Kennewick is the product of a family who decided to risk it all and build their own restaurant.  Cooking authentic Thai food runs in their family, and they are now setup for success thanks to Western Equipment Sales.  We were happy to design, contract and provide all the equipment and supplies for their new establishment.


Tips Thai DesignWe spent a lot of time and hard work designing the restaurant, including overcoming structural issues and partnering with a local architect in constructing a structure to support the make-up air and exhaust hood systems for the kitchen.

We provided the layout, plumbing and electrical specifications, equipment specifications, and worked with the customer to give them the optimal equipment for their menu and goals as a food service establishment.

We assisted with lighting design and selections, built custom counter tops and cabinets for the waitress areas, and other items like a pass through and furniture layout.


We had fun helping design the equipment layout with the owners at Tips.  The heart of the kitchen has to be the Town Foodservice Equipment two hole wok range custom built in New York, NY.   Made in the USA, this range has a waterfall back splash option that cools the back and top of the range so they can be cooking constantly without stopping.

Some of the other equipment specified includes these brands:

Please visit our customers new restaurant and give them a try!  The food is delicious, and the ownership is very friendly and professional.  They know how to cook good Thai food!

Check out a few photos we took before they opened.  We encourage you to go visit them and see our work first hand, and enjoy the food!

Tips Thai House Info:


2909 S. Quillan St. Ste. 182
Kennewick, Washington
Call (509) 619-0882

tips thai hours

Photo Gallery

Another restaurant built, designed and supplied by Western Equipment Sales in Kennewick, WA.


Why Southbend Manufacturing Makes Superior Convection Ovens


If you are in the market for new restaurant cooking equipment, whether it be a commercial range, griddle, broiler, or convection, you will quickly realize that there are MANY choices out there.   And while big names like Vulcan or Lang are known for their quality, they are also among the most expensive brands in the industry.

Southbend Manufacturing has been making some of the best restaurant equipment in the industry since 1898.   You read that right.  since the 1800’s.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that they have their act together.  Southbend has been ahead of the trends ever since they started selling commercial equipment, and a huge reason is because they listen to their customers.   They hear the requests for innovation, improving on old ways of building equipment, making their brand more efficient, more affordable, and outperforming the competition on quality.  Check out this short video on their convection ovens:

inventoryThey also know that it’s important to have a product that fits each type of customer.  They have ovens that are in the $10,000+ range, and they have their bronze series oven which we stock that sells for only $2,899 Click to Buy.   But among that wide range, they never sacrifice quality.

Let’s talk convection ovens for a moment.  The true measure of a good convection oven is how evenly the oven cooks at a set temperature.   Southbend ovens feature a soft heat mixing zone technology that allows hot air to be mixed with cooler air to produce tempered air.  This ensures even baking and cooling!  A few other features that set their ovens apart:

Convection Ovens

  1.  Their patented inshot burners operate like a jet engine, insuring consistent burn and eliminates the possibility of clogging.
  2. Fully insulated factory sealed, flat panel glass system with larger panels for better product viewing.  And there is grease vapor resistance in between the glass panels.
  3. Water Resistant control panel seal with new heavy-duty drawer mount slides for improved serviceability and a brushed steel poly panel.
  4. Soft heat mixing zone technology allowing tempering of the air for precise temperature control and cooking evenness.
  5. A New thermal isolated phenolic/chrome handle and toggle point door closing system.
  6. Two stage door sealing system with integrated door stop to eliminate seal bending/damage.  304 stainless spring steel gasket backed with a steel rope gasket on top and bottom.

inventory-2If you are shopping for a new convection oven, you have a lot of choices.  But for the price, you will never go wrong purchasing a Southbend convection oven from Western Equipment Sales.    Have questions?  Give our trained and knowledgeable sales staff a call who can help answer any questions you may have, and make sure you are buying the right equipment for your application, at a price that you will be impressed with.

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Our Newest Restaurant Build – The Crazy Crab Pot Kennewick, WA

We just completed our newest design build project for a local customer in Pasco.  The new restaurant is called The Crazy Crab Pot located in Kennewick,WA off of Hwy 395 and Vista Way.    They are offering service similar to other restaurants like the Crab Pot in Seattle, but with a more entertaining atmosphere and a Mexican twist on traditional seafood cooking.

What We Did:
We were responsible for the design of the whole restaurant, general contracting the project, and building the entire restaurant from the ground up.   Plumbing, Electrical, lighting design, tile flooring in the back of the house, installation of the hood system and walk-in refrigeration, installation of the cook line, and specification of all equipment.   We also sold and installed all furniture in the front-of-house, including the booths and tables, and designed and installed the bar area equipment.

Equipment Brands Used:

We are very happy with the result, and our customer is extremely happy with the way things turned out.    If you are looking into building a new restaurant and would like our expertise, we would love to meet with you!

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Help My Food Truck (or Trailer) Equipment Isn’t Working! – A Guide to Propane Tanks, BTU’s and Your Food Truck

Is your food truck equipment not operating properly?  Do you have low gas pressure, yellow flames, a large amount of black soot deposits, and no blue flame?   Your propane tank setup is probably to blame.

We recently had a customer who had a food truck built by someone else and they installed two 30 lb horizontal propane tanks in a lower storage compartment.  These small tanks may work great for an RV, but a food truck and commercial cooking equipment is a different beast.

After working on our customers truck, we wanted to share some very important information about your propane system and specifically your propane tank size.

The size of your propane tank(s) DOES MATTER!  It is VERY important.  It is important for the following reason:  The larger the tank the higher the VAPORIZATION rate of the liquid propane.

The liquid propane uses the temperature difference between it’s boiling point (-44 degree F) and the outside temperature to create vaporization.  When the tank is initially filled with liquid propane (80%-85% maximum) some of the liquid vaporizes into propane gas until an equilibrium is reached.  The gas is withdrawn from the tank, the pressure is lowered below that of equilibrium, lowering the boiling point of the liquid.  This causes more vaporization of the liquid into gas.



Here are some things to find out when making sure you are setup properly.

#1   What is the MAXIMUM BTU’s my cooking equipment uses per hour?

Food Truck Cook Line

Every piece of commercial gas cooking equipment is rated at so many BTU’s per hour.  When you have all your burners turned up high, and are running full bore, what is the maximum demand of your equipment?

For example, a common food truck may include:
40lb Fryer – 102,000 BTU’s
24″ Broiler or griddle – 80,000 BTU’s
4 Burner Hotplate – 100,000 BTU’s
2 Well Steam Table – 7,000 BTU’s

In this example your total MAXIMUM BTU load is: 289,000 BTU’s per hour.  You will need add other items that run on propane, like a propane generator.

#2   What size propane tank do I need to operate my equipment?

We understand you may never operate all of your equipment at MAX BTU’s all at the same time, but the MAX BTU will help size your propane tanks.  There are a few factors that will determine the size of your tanks:

  1. Where will the tanks be installed on the trailer or truck?  This may determine the maximum size tank you can install.
  2. How often do you want to have the tanks filled?  If can install larger tanks or even multiple tanks this will extend the time between fill ups.
  3. What is the vaporization rate of the tank?  Vaporization rate is the rate at which the propane liquid is boiled off to propane gas.  The small the tank and the colder the temperature the lower the vaporization rate.  Vaporization rate is the MOST IMPORTANT of these factors.


So in our example food truck we have 289,000 MAX BTU’s per hour.

Other things are factors too, such as ambient air temperature, and how full the tank is.  The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure in the tank is, which translates to higher BTU output.  Same goes for how full the tank is.  Below is a good chart showing you BTU/hour based on size and outside temperatures.

100 lb vaprate

As you can see, with a smaller propane tank, the max draw of BTU per hour goes down considerably.    If you run two tanks in series, your BTU numbers will double to your equipment.  For two 100lb propane tanks at 40 Degrees, you’ll achieve 428,000 BTU/hr.   Next, lets look at total BTU capacity, which will show you how long you can run on your tanks before needing a fill up.

propane tank sizes

btu capacity

If you are running all your equipment for 8 hours a day at 289,000 BTU/hr, each day you’ll consume 2,312,000 in one day.  That is a worst case scenario, most trucks don’t have everything running all the time, so lets say you are running at 50% max all day, your lunch rush, and dinner (if you are open for dinner).   That is 1,156,000 in a day.

Two 100lb Tanks:  4,321,018  BTU Max / 1,156,000= 3.73 days before running out.

So on two 100lb tanks, you should be filling up every 3 days based on 50% of max BTU/hr consumption in order to maintain proper pressure and BTU’s needed to use your equipment correctly.

#3  What an Incorrect Setup will Do to Your Cook Line

If you are running say, one 40lb propane tank, on your best day (fill up day) you are getting 131,000 BTU/hr when it’s 60 degrees outside.  If it’s winter/spring in the morning you are only getting 105,000 BTU/hr.

Equipment Needs: 289,000 BTU/Hour
Equipment Receives: 105,000 BTU/Hour
Propane Deficiency: -184,000 BTU/Hour

Your equipment may light, and may function, but you’ll experience a problem we like to call yellow flame.  Yellow flame is caused by an improper air/fuel mixture resulting in yellow flame that is not as hot as the proper blue flame, and causes excessive soot and blackening of your pots and pans, and exhaust hood system.

Other side-affects of poor gas flow is increased cook times, due to your equipment trying to cook with one hand tied behind it’s back.  Less BTU’s = less heat, so your equipment is operating in-efficiently.

Cooking Equipment Flame

Here is a excerpt from another blogger who addresses the issue of yellow flame.  This is written assuming that your gas pressure isn’t the issue, and that it’s just your air/fuel mixture that needs adjusting:

Problem #3: Commercial Gas Broiler has a Yellow Flame or Weak Blue Flame

Commercial gas broilers should always have a strong and straight blue flame. If you notice that your broiler’s flame is flickering or has changed to a yellow color, then you need to adjust the air shutters to increase or decrease the amount of oxygen flowing to the flame.

A yellow flame on your broiler is a sign that the flame is not as hot as it needs to be. The lower-temperature flame is a problem with cooking temperatures, but it is also a problem because it causes soot to form from unburned gas. This soot will build up on your broiler’s internal parts and cause a multitude of problems.


Bottom line, it’s very important that you have proper gas flow, to make sure your equipment runs correctly.    Whether you are buying a used truck, having one built, or already own one and aren’t getting the performance from your food truck equipment that you would like, this will fix your issue caused by a lack of BTU’s to your cooking equipment.

Thinking of having a food truck built in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State?  We are a general contractor and would love to meet with you and give you a price on a food truck or trailer! 

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The Chicken Shack – West Richland

Chicken Shack logo

We finished our most recent project, a new restaurant in West Richland, WA called Chicken Shack.  This restaurant will boast some really great chicken option for the enthusiast, with their own unique blend of sauces and cooking style.

On the project:

  • We sold and installed the hood, make-up air and exhaust system and arranged for install of the fire suppression system
  • Sold the kitchen equipment including refrigeration and cooking equipment.We are very proud of the way it turned out!   If you need your kitchen built, remodeled, or renovated, give us a call at 866-585-6978 for a bid.  Depending on the job, we provide free design services with the purchase of the equipment package.


For the first time ever we are having a Cyber Week sale on our website and in our store!  Now through Friday, we are offering 10% OFF your entire cart at checkout!  This includes equipment, parts and supplies!   Some exclusions will apply.  See our sales team for details!


Western Equipment Sales Closing for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are closing our doors and will not be processing orders this Thursday and Friday in celebration of Thanksgiving.  All orders that are placed on Thursday – Sunday, will be processed on Monday November 30th, and should ship the same day as long as there is stock.  Thanks again for all of your business and we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Western Equipment Sales Team


Fall 2015 Western Equipment Sales Mailer Promotions!

We are currently running our fall mailer promotion right now!  Through the end of December, we are offering a 10% discount on all smallwares in stock at our Kennewick location!    See our mailer below for our advertised specials!

New and Improved Showroom Area!

We have been working long and hard at improving our customer experience here at Western Equipment Sales.  While we may still be in that hard to find location in Kennewick, WA our restaurant equipment selection has increased and we are stocking more product now that never before.   We have upgraded our point-of-sale, and made pricing and finding products easier than ever!   Here are a couple of photos to show you the progress we have made, and this is only the beginning.  We have big plans as we continue to grow into 2016!